What happened when I disconnected from technology for a day

computerThis semester has been a heavy one for me. Every one of my courses has at least one writing assignment due every week. At first I though, great! This will make me a better writer! Nope, not even close. It has made me a cloistered, joyless hermit.

So after having three papers due in three consecutive days, I stepped away from the computer on Friday and didn’t open it again until Sunday. I simply couldn’t bear to be in front of the cursed machine. This was a good move. Instead of being a zombified nursing student with a thousand yard stare, I was a person. I had a name, thoughts, feelings, the works. It felt great to be back and with improved mental health.

But it was kind of a mistake for my academic health. I forgot that I had two other assignments due that week. I worked on them both today even though they are late (this is one of them :/). Oh well. Some things fall through the cracks, but this ship will sail on. I can’t wait until I can disconnect again sometime in December. Until then 🙂



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